How Often Will You Need to Do Your CPR Training?

Have you received your CPR and first-aid training not so long ago but you still have some pangs of regret that the course is over and feel that you need some more knowledge?


Or perhaps you think you don’t know enough to help people who have faced such situations as choking, cardiac arrests, drowning, etc. Or maybe you just need to re-certify as your employer requires you to renew your CPR and/or first aid training quite often to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, or you just need to refresh your skills.


It really doesn’t matter. The main thing is that CPR training needs refreshment, and this is why.

How Often Will You Need to Do Your CPR Training?


Top 5 Reasons to Renew CPR Training


Most people who have already learned to perform CPR and got a certificate ask how often and in what cases they need to renew their CPR training. We have come up with five main situations:


  1.     To keep your CV up-to-date. Many companies highly prioritize CPR training and knowledge of other life-saving techniques. In addition to the health and safety benefits, having personnel who have acquired lifesaving skills can lower insurance costs. Also, many employers need first-aid and/or CPR training, so if your CV contains such qualifications, you’ll most likely get the job.
  2.     To get additional practice and make sure you don’t forget anything during an emergency. Lifesaving and first aid skills can be easily forgotten if you don’t practice them on a regular basis. It’s the worst moment when you can’t recall anything during an accident or don’t have the set of required actions in your head.
  3.     Learn new skills and the latest practices. It’s one of the most obvious answers to the question “How often is it necessary to update my CPR training?” A refresher class may provide you with a new set of skills and best practices to use in an emergency. For instance, you may learn to use AED correctly.
  4.     Regain your confidence. It is always easier to think clearly if you possess the needed skills and know what to do during an emergency. How do you feel now and what have you felt upon completion of your first CPR course? If you know you lack enough confidence,  taking another CPR course at might help you regain it. Also, the second course is always easier and faster.
  5.     Experts state even healthcare providers and other medical staff have to go through refresher training. The American Red Cross recommends renewing CPR and First Aid training every 12 to 24 months. This is done to ensure that healthcare experts, nurses, and other medical workers are constantly ready to do the correct thing during emergencies, so they need to refresh their CPR skills.


CPR Training: How Often to Do and How to Renew It?


According to the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee, CPR and AED skills should be reviewed and practiced at least every six months. This means that if you need CPR certification for your job, you’ll have to take the course twice a year to keep your skills up-to-date. Official organizations in the UK and Australia have other requirements and recommend the training be completed every 1-3 years. 


With Savinghands, getting an additional CPR refresher course to acquire new skills, practice, and get re-certified is a simple and straightforward process. Contact us for additional information and use the knowledge you get for professional or personal benefit. And remember that CPR has to be performed correctly as it helps to save lives.

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