How to get a new specialty and job quickly?

Many people say that chance led them to their dream job – an unplanned meeting, a random phrase, or the ability to see an opportunity where others saw a problem or routine. It is precisely the situation in the US right now – a problem that creates the opportunity for many to get a promising job after only a few weeks of training. For example, the US is now facing a shortage of many Home Health Aids employees.

How to become a Home Health Aid in the USA?

You can become a Home Health Aid (HHA) in a few weeks and without previous experience in the medical field.

The home health aide certification training course involves hours of training, including hours of clinical practice in a hospital, which allows you to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to work as a nurse. During this course, students gain skills in helping people of all ages who need home care (the elderly, the disabled, patients after hospitalization, and people with chronic diseases). The home health aide training institute offers morning and evening classes, as well as weekend classes. Therefore, you can learn a nurse’s specialty in the USA at a time convenient for you, without leaving your old job and disturbing your usual family routine.

How to get a new specialty and job quickly?

Where Home Health Aid can work?

With all the speed and ease of mastering this specialty in the US, there is a shortage of Home Health Aids, so finding a job as a home care specialist or carer will not be difficult. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of job openings for such professionals will increase by 34% from 2019 to 2029 and will continue to grow in the 2030s. For comparison, the average growth in other specialties is projected to be about 4%. Moreover, for each of its graduates, there is a list of Home Health Aids hiring specialists who have completed home health aide training program on, which has managed to earn a good reputation among employers looking for medical personnel with a high level of knowledge and understanding of work.

How Much Do Home Health Aids Pay in America?

According to the employment sites, such specialists earn an average of about $30,000 annually. The salary of nurses in America is highly dependent on the state and experience. It is most profitable to be Home Health Aid in Boston, Nevada, California, and New York, but Alabama pays them less than other regions. At the same time, the pay is decent everywhere, and with extensive experience and cna home health aide training certificate, you can earn around $50,000 a year.

Responsibilities of a home care professional

Home Health Aid assists clients with daily tasks at home or in a care facility:

  • monitoring the intake of prescribed medications for clients;
  • help with routine medical or everyday activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, and moving around;
  • assistance with grocery shopping, meal preparation, light cleaning, and laundry is available;
  • organization of physical and mental exercises for patients;
  • accompanying clients at medical appointments;
  • adherence to a defined care plan for the client and report on completed tasks after each visit.

You will learn all this in home health aide training course. In addition, the course will explain how to establish an emotional connection with a client, which is incredibly important in such a job, and help you professionally write a resume and prepare for an interview.

All classes are taught in small groups, so everyone can successfully prepare for the exam and receive a home health aide training certificate and job placements.