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We are a group of nurses, doctors and first responders that merged together in order to provide individuals with required knowledge and skills to succeed in your desired medical career. Our office is located in Waltham but we conduct our classes in the most convenient way for our students whether in our classroom or in your desired location.

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Saving Hands Courses

Applying for a first-aid course might be one of the most essential things you’ve ever done in your life. Should an emergency arise, you’ll be prepared to offer life-saving assistance since you’ll know exactly what to do. No matter why you’ve decided to take such a course, everyone may benefit from learning these skills and acquiring the needed knowledge, regardless of whether or not it’s required for your job.

If you are one of those people interested in pursuing such a career, you should consider Saving Hands certificate courses in medical field. They are short-term lasting 4-6 weeks on average, presented in an engaging way, full of theory and practice, and will provide you with the needed skills as well as a certificate upon completion.

All the currently available certificate medical care courses are offered by our dedicated team of specialists including nurses, doctors, and first-aid responders. We are an organization that strives to educate individuals on the essential skills and information regarding fatal respiratory and/or cardiac problems. We share awareness and practice among those who want to be prepared to assist people who found themselves in a medical emergency situation.

What Courses Are Available at Saving Hands?

All our courses/training for various medical students can help you to promptly identify and respond to emergencies that may happen to fellow Americans, your friends, relatives, and passers-by among others. No need to lose precious seconds while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. After completing the course, you will be the one to proceed with the first aid.

All our courses are guided by trainers with years of extensive experience. You may study either in our classrooms or wherever you find the most convenient. We allow you the flexibility to control your time and comfort when pursuing a continuing medical education live training course.

Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate advanced courses in medical field teach healthcare practitioners and safety employees to respond to respiratory and/or cardiac crises in adults, children, and infants.

Adult and Pediatric CPR, AED, and First-Aid training enables students to detect and respond to a variety of first-aid, respiratory, and cardiac crises in adults, children, and infants.

Such certificate medical courses have been created for people who are in danger of being exposed to blood and other body fluids when doing their jobs. The course teaches how bloodborne infections spread, how to avoid exposure, and what to do if you are infected.

After completing our quick advanced medical courses, home health aide will be able to professionally helps the elderly and/or disabled patients with basic daily chores like cleaning their teeth, bathing, and using the restroom among others.

4 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Our BLS, CPR, AED, and First-Aid Courses

#1. They help to save lives and not only

Having first-aid training or any other course for medical students is undeniably beneficial. First aid can shorten the recovery time of a patient and help him or her avoid a long-term disability. But that’s not all. You will also learn how to remain confident and cold-minded in emergency circumstances, and get use of a well-managed and coherent set of actions.

#2. They provide you with tools and knowledge to prevent the issue from getting even worse

Sometimes, if a patient isn’t provided with basic first-aid care, his or her condition might quickly deteriorate. By providing basic care promptly, you can help stabilize a patient until emergency medical assistance arrives. Also, with our continuing medical education live courses, you’ll learn how to utilize common household objects to handle a wide range of scenarios if a first-aid kit isn’t accessible.

#3. They help you provide for patient’s comfort

Hospitalization isn’t always necessary for minor accidents, injuries, or illnesses, but it doesn’t mean they won’t have a negative impact on the patient’s state. For instance, a minor suffering from any kind of mild to severe pain will cry. Your actions, even the basic ones like applying ice in the right way or using the right bandaging, will assist to alleviate their discomfort. Remaining calm and composed can help them feel safer and lessen their stress levels.

#4. They fuel confidence

Upon completion of our quick medical course/training, you’ll acquire a basic understanding of first aid and feel confident in your ability to administer it. Also, having this knowledge helps in a variety of non-medical circumstances.