Home Health Aide Training (HHA)

What is a Home Health Aide?

A Home health aide assists elderly and/or disabled patients perform basic daily tasks which include brushing teeth, bathing, using the bathroom, monitoring their health, and reminding patients to take their medications. The tasks required to perform for each individual patient will be determined by the nurse. Typically, people that require HHA assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are either injured, chronically disabled, or chronically ill. The HHA assists with maintaining their quality of life and safety at home along with nurses, physical therapists, and case managers.

Our Home Health Aide course is blended thus, students will cover all the teaching online via zoom and the hands-on training will take place at our office location in Waltham, MA. Our HHA program is taught by experienced nurses that started their medical career journey with HHA certification course.

Saving Hands can assist individuals that passed the class and receive their certification with job search in the Boston area. We guarantee an interview and job placement to every student.

To become a Home Health Aide (HHA) in the state of Massachusetts, the Home Care Aid Council in MA requires individuals to complete a minimum of 75 hours of training which also includes 16 hours of practical hands-on training. Every individual will need to go through certified HHA classes and pass the home health aide certification exam. The state of Massachusetts also requires individuals that hold a HHA certification to seek 8 hours of training annually after obtaining the HHA certification.

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Home Health Aide (HHA) Training

Saving Hands provides Home Health Aide Training (HHA) to all individuals who plan to work as aides to approach the needs of the elderly and/or disabled patients. Such assistants are primarily responsible for helping patients with basic routine tasks including cleaning their teeth, using the restroom, bathing, as well as reminding them to take their medications.

Normally, such patients all vary in their abilities regarding everyday tasks. Some may be wounded because of a car accident and require help with the restroom and bathing. Some feel unwell and need supervision by an aide. Alongside nurses, therapists, or, for instance, case managers, an HHA will be in charge of preserving the patient’s quality of life and safety while at home or outside (if his or her condition or overall health permits movements).

What Is Included in HHA Training?

Our Home Health Aide Training Online Course is willing to introduce students to all the fundamentals of such care. Starting from online classes to hands-on training, everything caters to your full understanding of these duties and how they are performed the best. The course is supervised by nurses with years of experience in the healthcare sector. They also started their career by being HHA certified personnel.

Note that those who have successfully completed our Certified Home Health Advanced Aide Training course and received their certificates may seek employment at once. We will assist you in this process and share our connections with you to be hired almost immediately. With us, you receive a great chance of being interviewed for the job you’ve always wanted.

Keep in mind: to become an HHA, particularly in the state of Massachusetts, you have to undergo at least 75 hours of training. Home Health Aide Advanced Training Program application will predetermine around 16 hours of actual hands-on instruction further on. Yet, for those who already possess HHA certification, you should still pursue 8 hours of training every year as per the legislation of the state of Massachusetts.

Take a look at the key Home Health Aide Training, MA course topics you will study and practice:

  • Human Development / Growth;
  • Body Mechanics / Safety;
  • Standard Infections Precautions;
  • Cultural Diversity / Communication;
  • Persons / Families;
  • Abuse / Special Issues;
  • Hospice, Death, and Dying;
  • Ambulation, Positioning, and Transfer;
  • Personal Care Abilities;
  • Fundamental Healthcare Competencies;
  • Nutrition;
  • Home Health Aide In-service Training as to meal planning, food shopping, cooking, and food storage;
  • Home Administration;
  • Home Safety;
  • Safety of Infants, Children, and New Moms;
  • Mental Health;
  • Time, Energy, and Money Management;
  • Home Care Medication and Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the distinction between Home Health Aide and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

Actually, they are pretty similar. However, CNAs usually work in medical facilities like hospitals, while HHAs take care of patients within their own homes. On some occasions, they both may change the premises and assist people either at home or at the hospital. Refer to www home health aide, MA training for more info.

  • What exactly is the distinction between an HHA and a Personal Care Assistant (PCA)?

They are similar in their duties, however, a PCA may be linked to providing less intensive hands-on medical care to their patients. They both will work normally at the patient’s home.

  • What about Home Health Aide Training Costs?

All of our courses are affordable. Contact us to learn more about special savings.

  • How can I be recruited as a Home Health Aide?

75 hours of training are required. Then you will need to undergo a physical checkup. For all the rest, Saving Hands will assist you to be interviewed and hired.

  • What skills should a Home Health Aide possess?

On most occasions, HHAs must have great communication skills, as well as compassion, flexibility, dependability, attention, and be physically and intellectually healthy.

  • How much can an HHA earn in 2022 after Home Health Care Aide Training?

Let’s take Massachusetts as an example. The average salary for a Home Health Aide is $30,000 to $40,000. After completing our HHA course, Saving Hands will be able to share your profile with trustworthy and reliable employers in the Boston Area.

  • What are the key requirements to be enrolled in Home Health Advanced Aide Training Class near you?

To be enrolled in the Home Health Aide Advanced Training near me course, you have to be of full legal age and have a strong desire to learn and help people. Do not forget that you are most likely to proceed with basic housekeeping tasks as well.

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